Special Sessions

1. Decision Making on Small-data-set Learning Problems

Organizer: Der-Chiang Li, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

In CSI 2015, in terms of forming intelligence with computers, we propose this special session concerning small-data-set learning problems as a platform of studies discussion for researchers. In the proposed session, we will prepare the following research issues about small data set learning to match CSI 2015, as:

  • Virtual sample generation to improve small data set learning.
  • Assess the number of multi-modality from small data sets.
  • Develop modeling to extend attributes for small data sets.
  • Fill information gap in small data sets.

These issues are aimed to improve the learning accuracies for small data sets. Here, we adopt some related techniques in data mining and neural network as learning tools to analyze small data sets. Therefore, we consider that the proposed session is highly related to the topics of ACIS 2015.


3. Intelligent Knowledge Systems and Applications

Organizer: Ippei Torii and Naohiro Ishii, Aichi Institute of Technology, Japan

Contents: Recent developments of computer systems, networks and information technologies are deeply and widely adopted to human social life. In the background of their developments, revolutionary and intelligent technologies are still developed for making next excellent software systems. Their software systems include not only computer technologies but also related widely applied information technologies for our living life. In this session, developing and challenging information technologies in the computational knowledge based systems are discussed for wide applications. Intelligent knowledge based software system and its applications, are also discussed, which are important for the fundamental and principal information technologies. Data mining methods for big data, intelligent computational methods, smartphone applications, intelligent mobile devices and natural inspired technologies are also included .

2.  Info-Communication Service Management and Evolution with Computational Intelligence

Organizer: Motoi Iwashita, Chiba Institute of Technology, Japan

Utilization of management and information system, these days, plays an important role in every company for supporting its services, developing new products, keeping the level of customer satisfaction and so on. Information and communication technology (ICT) such as wired/wireless information network infrastructure, cloud computing, system management technique etc. have been widely penetrated recently at the same time. Therefore, ICT is a key factor for new type of service diffusion. In other aspects, it is expected to solve a sense of stagnation such as economic recession, environmental load, global heating, and coming aging society. The aim of this session is sharing ideas and technologies in order to diffuse new services and business based on ICT with computational intelligence. Moreover, we expect to accelerate the studies and to create a new research field through the introduction of best practice, failure case, and work-in-progress issues by contributed papers.