Final Paper Submission

CSI 2015 Final Paper Submission

  1. Your final camera ready paper will be submitted to Conference Publishing Service (CPS). At least one of the authors must register the conference. Otherwise, the paper will be cancelled, and will not be included in the proceedings.
  2. CSI 2015 will have regular papers (6 pages), short papers (4 pages), and poster papers (2 pages). Each regular paper can be up to 6 pages in length. Up to 2 additional pages (for a total of 8) pages can be purchased.
  3. Here you can find a formatting template. Your paper needs to be in Letter Size (8.5 x 11″) format for the proceedings.
    Word Template (ZIP) LaTex Template (ZIP)
  4. When entering Author names be sure to capitalize only the first letter of each word. Please do not include a prefix, suffix or title in author names because that will cause indexing problems in the proceedings. When entering the title for your paper capitalize only first letters of the words – not the entire title. Click here to check your paper with pdf eXpress to make sure that your paper conforms to IEEE Xplore-compatible pdfs.
  5. Your IEEE Xplore-compliant pdf paper
    Run your paper through pdf-express. If successful (if it is Xplore-compliant) you will receive an email from pdf-express with your Xplore- compliant pdf file attached. Please forward this email to ACIS and be sure to include the conference you are submitting too(CSI 2015) and Easy Chair submission number, so we will know which paper you are submitting.(see instructions at bottom)
  6. An IEEE copyright form is required. For the IEEE copyright form click on either the PDF or DOC version of the form.
  7. Springer Instructions: If your paper is selected for Springer publication then please Click Here for Springer formatting instructions. We need your main paper pdf file and the source files to generate the pdf file, the CSI Springer copyright file, and proof of registration all zipped into one zip file. Then email the zipped file to
  8. What you need to email to:
    Please email the following:

    • When submitting your final paper, please use your EasyChair submission number and the conference you are submitting to, CSI 2015. If you do not provide this we can not process your submission. Submission numbers for special session paper will be informed by special session chairs.
    • Forward the email you received from pdf-express, to ACIS. Be sure to include your EasyChair submission paper number so we know which paper you are sending (we keep track of papers by this paper number). Your paper cannot be accepted if it is not attached to the email you receive from pdf-express.
    • Email the completed IEEE copyright form in pdf format with your signature on it. Be sure to include your paper number is included in the message.